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Friends of Love Star

Here are links to a few of Love Star's music providers, locations, sponsors and supporters. 

DJ Spen has been spinning in Baltimore since he was 13. His hit song, "Until You", is featured in Episode 1 of Pick Up Special


This is Baltimore Too

There are many negative images in the media about Baltimore, but we chose to extenuate the  people and places that are so unique, so courageous, and so off the beaten path that most find them hard to believe. We know they are not urban legends, because we know they exist.  We’ve seen them, talked with them, played with them, laughed with them, fought with them, cried with them.  Heck!  We are them! This is Baltimore Too!

From short local charters to all-day and multi-day trips, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service. Founded in 1991 by Eli  Barber the company remains a closely held family business that operates 75 school busses for Baltimore City Public, Private and Charter schools.

Our passengers are our top priority, so you can count on us to provide safe, reliable, and on-time service.  The best part is our service comes with a cost  savings of  up to 30% lower than traditional coach transportation.

Our variety of mini buses, full size passenger buses and Mini Coaches allow us to accommodate groups as small as 10 people, to groups of several hundred. Your event transportation will be managed with our key priorities of safety, on-time performance, cost effectiveness, and customer satisfaction!

Love Star Entertainment, LLC use Barber Transportation for many scenes in Dead Secrets.


For over 25 years, Paradox was one of Baltimore's premier home for dance music of all genres. Nowhere else in the country could you feel the music. Paradox attracted a wonderfully diversified clientele all to hear and embrace music, the people and the vibe! Paradox was conceived after the closing of a once popular Baltimore night club, Club Fantasy; and existed to fill the void of late-night dinning, dancing and entertainment all under one roof.


Love Star Entertainment, LLC used Paradox for the club scenes in our first short film,  Pick Up Special.

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