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Love Star Entertainment's CEO
Apral D. Smith

Apral Smith, the CEO of Love Star Entertainment, LLC was born, raised and educated in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the HBCU, Coppin State University in English with a Concentration in Broadcast Production and Technologies. She also studied scriptwriting at Johns Hopkins University where she is also employed in global public health communication.


Apral is the award winning writer and producer of Dead Secrets full feature film and the award winning short film What If and The Breakdown. Apral has produced over 30 short films, 14 full features.


Apral’s most notable short film, What If, has been accepted into 16 film festivals and won 8 festivals around the world including LA, Miami and Italy. What If is a thought provoking film. What If takes place in an alternate reality where African-Americans are the powerful ruling majority race in the US, while whites are the formerly enslaved people, now racially oppressed minority suffering from systemic racism. The film takes place when a white father and son are pulled over by two black police officers, the father attempts to reign in the son’s frustration of police in order to get them home safe. Although the father and son are a couple of blocks from their home, the police treat them as unwanted second class citizens in their own country and neighborhood.  

Apral’s strong suit of telling stories with realistic dialogue helps to realize her vision for Love Star Entertainment. Love Star aims to create visually stunning, emotionally stimulating and innovative content that makes you think.

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