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Finding Desmond (2018)

Finding Desmond tells the story of a man in trouble who has no choice, but to go into hiding in order to keep his family safe. All the while, his father is determined to bring him home. Finding Desmond is now streaming on Tubi TV, Xumo, Freebie TV, Amazon Prime and Local Now. 

Finding Desmond Screening

Finding Desmond Screening was held on Saturday, October 27 at 10am at Beltway Horizon Cinemas in Baltimore, MD .

Finding Desmond follows the struggles of Desmond Jackson (Antonio Jefferson). Since Desmond's mother (Penny Demps) was the only person who knew his past died, he had no choice but to disappear into the streets to hide. Determined to bring him home, his father (Archie Williams) recruits Desmond’s jealous brother (George McGill) to find him. Desmond must decide if he will stay in hiding to keep his family safe or face his demons and finally put an end to it once and for all.

Finding Desmond (70 minutes) is Love Star Entertainment's third full feature film. Finding Desmond was written, directed, edited and stars Antonio Jefferson. The film also stars George McGill, Archie Williams, Josh Taylor, Urssula Waters, Jacob Branch, Rahmaan Murray, Penny Demps, Brandon Tapp, Peter S. Cooper, Bob Jones Tyrone Chapman and Cindy O'ferrell. Finding Desmond was produced by Apral Smith and Antonio Jefferson.

Fans, family and friends were treated to a triple feature for the price of one film. Love Star Entertainment also screened the following

What If short film (8 minute) was written by Apral Smith and stars Harold Mathieu, Donald Imm, James Mathieu and Jeff Tegeler.

What If was directed and edited by Antonio Jefferson. What If was produced by Apral Smith and Antonio Jefferson.

Wake Up short film (13 minute) was written, direct and edited by Antonio Jefferson and stars Jeff Tegeler, Archie Williams, Candice Davis and Gabriel Johnson. Wake Up was produced by Apral Smith and Antonio Jefferson.

Saturday, October 27th served a dual purpose of sharing Finding Desmond with our fans and supporters and raising funds to help with production of Love Star Entertainment's next projects.

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